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April 28, 2013 Leave a comment

Another Ludum Dare has come around and once again I have participated. The theme this time was Minimalism, and I did not do as well this time as last time.

Poke Screenshot

Granted, this time my game looks more like a game; it has graphics instead of a text interface. It’s easier to get into, since it’s short and simple.

It has one major flaw, though, and that is that I cannot build the code into something a non-programmer can play. This has been extremely frustrating.

So now I am going to go play and rate other people’s Ludum Dare entries. Maybe next weekend I’ll try using a different graphics engine and see if I can get that one to build. If I do, I’ll link the file here so everyone can try it.


Sims 3 Legacy Challenge Scorecard – New Link, Suspended Indefinitely

April 8, 2013 Leave a comment

Sims 3 Legacy Challenge Scorecard 2.00

Greetings, all. It’s been a while since I made any mention of this thing. Last time I did so was in a response to a comment. 4shared now requires a signup to download the file; I said I would get it back on Google Drive and promptly forgot to do so. I have done so. The sheet is now available here. Hopefully the link will work for everyone.

That said, I have decided that I will never give EA my money again. I also plan to refuse any gifts of EA products. This means I will not be playing any more Sims games than the one I have, and the current version, 2.00 (good up through the Showtime expansion), is the last to come from me.

At some point, someone commented asking me for permission to update the spreadsheet since I wasn’t. I granted that permission, but have no link to share with you guys. If someone knows where to find the version being upkept by someone else, please tell me so I can spread the word.