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TorqueL, the Rolling Box 2D Platformer

June 5, 2013 Leave a comment

I originally posted this on April 18, 2013 on my blog on Gamasutra. Cross-posting here because this game looks great. It’s on Steam Greenlight Concepts with a demo available, and I urge you to check it out.

Overcrowding at BitSummit meant that in the short time we had for looking at game demos, there was no time to see them all. I did see quite a few, and while most of the games I saw interested me in one way or another, a simple platformer named TorqueL took first prize for being fun to play.

TorqueL’s concept is simple. The developer bills it as the 2D rolling box platformer, and that description basically sums up the game. The only thing that sets this game apart from other 2D platformers — and the only thing it needs — is that player movement has been completely rethought.

TorqueL screenshot

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April 28, 2013 Leave a comment

Another Ludum Dare has come around and once again I have participated. The theme this time was Minimalism, and I did not do as well this time as last time.

Poke Screenshot

Granted, this time my game looks more like a game; it has graphics instead of a text interface. It’s easier to get into, since it’s short and simple.

It has one major flaw, though, and that is that I cannot build the code into something a non-programmer can play. This has been extremely frustrating.

So now I am going to go play and rate other people’s Ludum Dare entries. Maybe next weekend I’ll try using a different graphics engine and see if I can get that one to build. If I do, I’ll link the file here so everyone can try it.

Sims 3 Legacy Challenge Scorecard – New Link, Suspended Indefinitely

April 8, 2013 Leave a comment

Sims 3 Legacy Challenge Scorecard 2.00

Greetings, all. It’s been a while since I made any mention of this thing. Last time I did so was in a response to a comment. 4shared now requires a signup to download the file; I said I would get it back on Google Drive and promptly forgot to do so. I have done so. The sheet is now available here. Hopefully the link will work for everyone.

That said, I have decided that I will never give EA my money again. I also plan to refuse any gifts of EA products. This means I will not be playing any more Sims games than the one I have, and the current version, 2.00 (good up through the Showtime expansion), is the last to come from me.

At some point, someone commented asking me for permission to update the spreadsheet since I wasn’t. I granted that permission, but have no link to share with you guys. If someone knows where to find the version being upkept by someone else, please tell me so I can spread the word.

PyroFalkon’s Sims 3 Socialism Challenge

October 28, 2012 Leave a comment

PyroFalkon's The Sims 3 Socialism Challenge

My friend PyroFalkon is a huge fan of The Sims. He was the one who introduced me to the Legacy Challenge, which has taken over how I play The Sims. He has created a new challenge which he calls the Sims 3 Socialism Challenge and is currently beta testing it in Let’s Play form on his YouTube channel.

I’ve enjoyed watching it and since much of my blog traffic is drawn to my Legacy Challenge scorecard spreadsheet, maybe some of you will like the Socialism Challenge, too. Today I’ll talk about the rules PyroFalkon has set up and my thoughts on how things have gone so far. Read more…

Sims 3 Hiatus

August 13, 2012 Leave a comment

I recently bought a shiny new Mac. This means a lot of the games I purchased through Steam, including The Sims 3, are not playable until I get my hands on a copy of Windows and set up dual boot through BootCamp. I contacted EA about getting my license changed from the PC version to the Mac version (because I’d rather run it natively), but since I didn’t purchase it through an “authorized distributor” they’re unwilling to help me.

My response: How is Steam not an authorized distributor?!

What it comes down to, basically, is that they want me to buy their products through Origin instead of Steam and refuse to support my purchase. I could call them any number of nasty names, but instead I’ll just refuse to buy a new copy of the game.

What that means for you guys is that there probably won’t be any more updates to my Legacy Challenge Spreadsheet for a while. I might see about getting info on new expansions from the Sims Wiki at some point, but for now I’m just going to lay low. Sorry!

The Sims 3 Legacy Challenge Scorecard Spreadsheet v2.00

April 6, 2012 8 comments

Well, it’s been forever since I updated my Sims 3 Legacy Challenge Scorecard Spreadsheet. This new version is usable with every expansion up to and including Showtime.

On the Aspiration Rewards Worksheet, I included the Young Again Potion and the Age Freezing Potion for completeness, even though I think they violate the spirit of the challenge. I did not include most of the Pets aspiration rewards because they are usable on pets only and pets are not bloodline.

Sorry it’s taken so long. The spreadsheet (.xls) can be downloaded from 4shared.

The MacEpic Legacy: Movin’ Up

October 2, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s been a while since I played The Sims 3, and a while since the MacEpic family got any love. I’ve played since my last update, though I didn’t report on what happened. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some things, but here are the basics.

I went ahead and had Frederick and Elisabeth have another child. It’s another boy, and I named him Jack. I currently have no plans for a specific Lifetime Wish for him. He’s in elementary school now, and is already a Genius, Insane, and a light sleeper. He may be hell to raise, and I may feed him to the time stream rather quickly. His brothers, on the other hand…

Heath MacEpic

Heath, new heir to the MacEpic legacy.

Name: Heath MacEpic

Favorite Music: Kids
Favorite Food: Fruit Parfait
Favorite Color: Orange

Traits: Couch Potato, Clumsy, Neat, Hydrophobic

Lifetime Wish: Creature-Robot Cross Breeder

Heath is the heir. He is currently in high school, working as a Fitting Room Guard at the Spa. My dreams of him taking up grandma’s failed rock star crusade have wilted in the face of his strong desire to merge chinchilla DNA with robots. He’s been a great disappointment to me, but I’ll just have to deal with it. I have been too lazy to take him directly to the science facility to see if I can get him a job in science at the teen level, but he’s headed right into full employment as soon as he gets old enough.

Caspian MacEpic

Caspian MacEpic, the second son.

Name: Caspian MacEpic

Favorite Music: Pop
Favorite Food: Dim Sum
Favorite Color: Blue

Traits: Absent-Minded, Couch Potato, Excitable, Bookworm

Lifetime Wish: Master of the Arts

Caspian is currently in high school. He has no job, since his lifetime goal revolves around guitar and painting, and I want him to have plenty of time to practice. I had a couple of opportunities regarding foreign travel, so I took the family on a vacation to Egypt and had him play guitar the whole time, so he’s mastered that, now. He’s taken on a funky punk hairdo to match his argyle sweaters.

Tertius MacEpic

He'll be famous when he makes news anchor!

Name: Tertius MacEpic

Favorite Music: Classical
Favorite Food: Egg Rolls
Favorite Color: Lilac

Traits: Neurotic, Excitable, Artistic, Vegetarian

Lifetime Wish: Star News Anchor

Getting Tertius to pick a Lifetime Wish besides Illustrious Author (which is dear old Dad’s Lifetime Wish) was a pain in the butt. I must’ve told him no three or four times before Star News Anchor came up. He’s just reached his teenage days, so I’m finally able to start working on his charisma skill in the bathroom. A standing mirror for his room may be in order, actually.

Grandpa Kevin is haunting the house. Sometimes he lays down in his bed to sleep; sometimes he gets on a computer and appears to keep working on the book he was writing when he died; every now and then he just walks through the walls and disappears. He freaked Elisabeth out once, but hasn’t caused any real trouble besides that.

The Ghost of Kevin MacEpic

He rattles the Internets instead of chains.

Frederick, now that I have Ambitions, has quit his day job to become a freelance writer for a living. He is a Small-Town Scribe whose only job responsibility is Earnings — to make moola by writing. It’s going rather well; he specializes in Romance novels, which take lots of time to write but pay lots of money. He should get paid some 13,000 simoleons in royalties this coming weekend. Since he only has about 250 simoleons to go before his job level increases, I find myself wondering how many levels he’ll be skipping when his royalty check comes in.

Elisabeth has achieved her Lifetime Wish. Now that there are four children and I’m not planning to get her pregnant again, she’s just a money maker. If the house gets too crowded — once Heath marries and starts having kids of his own — she’s my first choice for feeding to the time stream. That’s right, I’m willing to ditch the wife.

Current legacy score: 13